For those of you old enough to remember when movies cost less than $4.00 at theaters (gasp), you no doubt remember “Annie Hall” one of the most memorable movies exploring male-female relationships and sex. One classic scene exemplified the difference between men and women:

“How often do you have sex?” asked their respective therapists.
“Hardly ever, maybe three times a week,” Alvy whined.
“Constantly . . . I’d say three times a week!” Annie complained.

A woman’s physical experience of sex is quite different from a man’s simply because her clitoris is located outside of her vagina. This one fact can dramatically affect every aspect of her emotional and physical sexuality.

My friend Bill explained it best when he casually mentioned over lunch one day that girls have it easy. As he casually mentioned over lunch one day:

“When they are 16 or 17 years old and with their boyfriend, they reach down and touch him and Boom! ‘Ahhh, so that’s what it takes.’ She’s got it figured out. The guy, on the other hand, experiences his whole life with women as stepping into the cockpit of a 747 — I know there’s a button somewhere that turns this thing on.”

Alas, a woman’s sexuality is often closely tied to her cycle, as well. Many women themselves don’t understand this. Is it any wonder, then, that men often find women somewhat confusing? But men who help their partners chart often maintain that they finally understand female sexuality in a way that often eluded them before. They describe the newfound wisdom that they’ve acquired in understanding an aspect of women that is so frequently misunderstood.