Who Doesn’t Love a Good Mammogram?

A few days ago, I had the, um, pleasure of subjecting myself to one of the many indignities women continually face when taking charge of their health: the lovely mammogram. For those of you who somehow missed the memo, a mammogram is a diagnostic procedure in which each of a woman’s breasts is basically squished [...]

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The Inception of the Fertility Awareness Network (FAN) (Part II)

Stuffed and mangled manila envelopes packed with all manner of research studies etc. would only get us so far back in the ‘80s. Ultimately, the founding members of the secular Fertility Awareness Network realized that in order to learn all we could from each other, we’d have to meet in person. But because we didn’t have the benefit of [...]

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Ahhh, so that’s what it takes!

For those of you old enough to remember when movies cost less than $4.00 at theaters (gasp), you no doubt remember “Annie Hall” one of the most memorable movies exploring male-female relationships and sex. One classic scene exemplified the difference between men and women: “How often do you have sex?” asked their respective therapists. “Hardly [...]

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Returning to the Site of the Crime

Years ago, when I was in the midst of writing my book for teen girls called Cycle Savvy, I had an experience exactly like one of the principles that I was illuminatng in the book. But more on that in a sec. Ask any person with a uterus, and they will tell you that we’ve [...]

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A Metaphor for Life

A couple days ago, as I was regaling a friend and her 11 year-old daughter with the story of my somewhat less-than-auspicious first and probably last sky-diving adventure, I had an epiphany. But first, a little back story. When I completed the first edition of my book, Taking Charge of Your Fertility, nearly 25 years [...]

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Five Mind-Bending Fertility Myths

Orgasms cause women to release eggs. This is an especially intriguing myth — that orgasm can lead to spontaneous ovulation. But alas, it’s completely false. The process that leads to ovulation is the gradual increase of estrogen over a period of several days.  Now I suppose if you had an orgasm that lasted from, say, [...]

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What’s trash got to do, got to do with it?🎶🎵

Understanding female sexual response is not all that big a mystery if men just internalize one of the cardinal concepts of female sexuality: A woman is much more likely to be sexually responsive to her partner if she doesn’t feel like his mother. There, I said it. So what does this have to do with [...]

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