One of my greatest regrets

One of the most humiliating experiences I’ve ever had ultimately changed my life in ways I could never have imagined. I take you back to 1982 (gasp). While waiting for an interview for a ‘women’s health educator’ position at a women’s clinic on Olympic Blvd. in Los Angeles, I fidgeted with dread. Anticipating the interview, [...]

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When Multiple Conceptions Go Awry

Anyone who’s ever met me learns fairly quickly that I am a tad obsessed with the fascinating world of unusual multiples — be it twins, triplets, or quads. Suffice it to say, if I weren’t concerned about, oh, I don’t know, the demise of the world through the pandemic and climate change, I’d love nothing [...]

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Wait . . . What Happened to My Period?

If you’ve noticed lately that you’ve had exceedingly long cycles, you’re not alone. As a casual experiment, during your next zoom office meeting, you may even want to ask a few of your closest coworkers whether they, too, have noticed that they’ve had long cycles recently. Then prepare for a long awkward silence . . [...]

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Improve Your Sex Life in the Age of The Coronavirus

Like most of you, I’ve been a tad consumed with this (oh, I don’t know) little inconvenience of Covid-19. And every day, I can’t help but feel like we are all actors in one of the most surreal episodes of the Twilight Zone. At any rate, since one of our new but necessary realities is [...]

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Who Doesn’t Love a Good Mammogram?

A few days ago, I had the, um, pleasure of subjecting myself to one of the many indignities women continually face when taking charge of their health: the lovely mammogram. For those of you who somehow missed the memo, a mammogram is a diagnostic procedure in which each of a woman’s breasts is basically squished [...]

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Two Sets of Symptoms to Never Ignore

We as women are so used to experiencing various types of pains and discomforts during our cycles that we may lose sight of what is normal versus what merits seeing a health practitioner. Of course, the benefit of learning about Fertility Awareness and charting your cycle is that you become acutely aware of what signs [...]

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The Inception of the Fertility Awareness Network (FAN) (Part II)

Stuffed and mangled manila envelopes packed with all manner of research studies etc. would only get us so far back in the ‘80s. Ultimately, the founding members of the secular Fertility Awareness Network realized that in order to learn all we could from each other, we’d have to meet in person. But because we didn’t have the benefit of [...]

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A Few Words of Sexual Wisdom for Men

One of the most common causes of contrasting sexual satisfaction during intercourse between men and women can be attributed to a typically misunderstood fact about the female body: The clitoris (the female analog to the highly sensitive tip of the penis) is located outside of the vagina. So during traditional sex, alas, the man is [...]

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Just for Giggles

Quick! What do all of these female body parts have in common? Fallopian Tubes, G-spots, Skene's Glands, Bartholin's Glands, Gartner's Ducts, Graffian Follicles, Pouch of Douglas, Glands of Montgomery, and Hydati of Morgani? If you said that most of them seemed mildly unappealing, you’d be partially right. But let’s be honest, what is rather astounding [...]

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