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So which is it? Are women fertile just 24 hours or up to week per cycle?

With all the misinformation out there today, it’s amazing anyone is ever able to trust what they hear. And while some facts can be completely wrong (you mean, Abraham Lincoln wasn’t our first president?), the repercussions of the misinformation aren’t that big a deal. But if a couple is […]

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What’s trash got to do, got to do with it?🎶🎵

Understanding female sexual response is not all that big a mystery if men just internalize one of the cardinal concepts of female sexuality:

A woman is much more likely to be sexually responsive to her partner if she doesn’t feel like his mother.

There, I said it. So […]

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Cycles, Fertility and the Limits of High-Tech

If you’ve recently been living under a rock, you might have missed the news about the first FDA-cleared birth control app that purports to allow you to prevent pregnancy by telling you when you are safe for unprotected intercourse. I’m loath to mention its name, however, […]

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