Understanding female sexual response is not all that big a mystery if men just internalize one of the cardinal concepts of female sexuality:

A woman is much more likely to be sexually responsive to her partner if she doesn’t feel like his mother.

There, I said it. So what does this have to do with trash?

For starters, several studies have finally validated what most women have experienced for years. For many women, there is nothing sexier than a partner vacuuming or spontaneously unloading the dishwasher without (gasp) being asked! A man who helps with the daily minutia of life is undoubtedly more sexually appealing to his partner because she’ll be less exhausted from having worked all day, come home to make dinner for her brood, and cleaned the house before dropping into a stress-induced coma.

The bottom line is that nothing squelches a woman’s sexual desire quite like feeling like a perpetual nag. Or worse yet, feeling like her partner’s nagging mom. So rather than thinking that foreplay starts in bed just minutes before intercourse, men should assume that choreplay (yes choreplay) is a sexy precursor to all that happens the rest of the evening.