One of the most common causes of contrasting sexual satisfaction during intercourse between men and women can be attributed to a typically misunderstood fact about the female body: The clitoris (the female analog to the highly sensitive tip of the penis) is located outside of the vagina. So during traditional sex, alas, the man is easily able to achieve an orgasm because his penis is directly stimulated. For women? Not so much.

But who knew that there is another little secret that women are often loath to mention regarding their sexual needs, so I feel obligated to speak for the women of the world when I convey this one little tidbit to men:

Take out the darn trash. There. I said it. Scores of women around the world are probably sighing ‘Amen’ to that. Understanding female sexual response is not all that big a mystery if men just internalize one of the cardinal concepts of female sexuality:

A woman is much more likely to be sexually responsive
to her partner if she doesn’t feel like she’s his mother.

Which brings me to the first tasty morsel of wisdom below:

Most women will probably admit that what often gets their juices flowing is the sight of their partner spontaneously unloading the dishwasher without (gasp) being asked! The bottom line is that nothing squelches a woman’s desire for sex quite like feeling like a perpetual nag.

Delayed gratification is so very underrated
While people find it fairly challenging to delay gratification in most situations, the one time where both men and women are amply rewarded is when a woman is sexually teased and then teased some more. In other words, it’s not just about technique. It’s about building up anticipation. So rather than reaching for her clitoris the minute they get in bed, a man should try warming her up hours before with subtle signs of affection or sexy texts during the day.

Bring her to orgasm before you have one yourself
It tends to put a crimp on a woman’s ability to climax when her partner pulls out, rolls over and starts snoring before she’s even warmed up. On the positive side, if you can help her have an orgasm first, you will be compensated with a partner who is fully lubricated and ready to have intercourse once she’s had her own.

Use sexual positions that allow for more clitoral stimulation
As mentioned above, since her clitoris is located outside of her vagina, intercourse alone is simply not enough for most women. Try other positions that stimulate her clitoris itself.


So there ya’ go. If you already do everything above, you must have one incredibly content and loving partner. But on the off chance that you might have learned a thing or two, you’ll much more likely be the type of lover that your partner has always fantasized about.