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How close are you to your mom’s mother? If your grandmother is still living, you might want to blow away both of them by casually mentioning that you literally started your life inside of your grandmother.

Think about it. Every female fetus, including your mom, developed all the eggs she will ever have while a fetus still inside of her own mom. And of course, one of those eggs ultimately developed into you. So in reality, you started your life inside of your grandmother.

Now this is where it gets even more magical. If you yourself are lucky enough to be pregnant or become pregnant with a little girl, you can gaze down on your growing belly and envision carrying your potential future grandchildren inside of you!

But not to burst any bubbles, here . . . unfortunately, it doesn’t apply if you are pregnant with a son. Boys don’t start producing sperm until puberty. And let’s be honest, you’re probably better off not carrying a pubescent 135-pound little sperm-producing gangly boy in your belly, don’t ’cha think?