The Elephant in the Womb: A Woman’s Aging Eggs (Part 1)

OK, to be geographically correct, the ovaries containing a woman’s eggs are outside of her uterus, but for purposes of the title, are we kumbaya with me taking some slight artistic liberties? At any rate, one of the first questions a fertility doctor inevitably asks is your age. This is because it’s still one of the best indicators [...]

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One of My Greatest Regrets

It’s only natural that once people pass over the 50-year milestone, they start the requisite soul-searching that accompanies such a birthday. I must be a little delayed in that department, because here I am, in my late 50’s — OK, 61 to be exact — and it’s only now that I’ve started the process. Do I regret all [...]

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Celebrating the first period with ethnic food — the last with a hand-off

When my niece got her first period 10 years ago, I decided that this date was worthy of celebrating every year moving forward. So every single August 28th , I take her to lunch at an ethnic restaurant, figuring that this way, not only do we commemorate that life- changing day, but I share with her a love [...]

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What Do Baths Have To Do With Orgasms?

One of the hardest things for some women to admit is that they’ve never had an orgasm, and they often assume that they are the only ones. Actually, a woman’s ability to achieve an orgasm is much more complex than a man’s, and often requires just the right ambience, to say nothing of technique. One of the best [...]

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A Little Chuckle to Divert You After the Election

A few weeks ago, after a grueling meeting working on TCOYF fertility app updates with my partners in Bellingham, Washington, I was looking forward to the relaxing train ride back to my home in Seattle. But a minute before it was supposed to arrive in the station, they announced that boulders had crashed onto the tracks between the two cities, [...]

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When the Birds and the Bees Take On A Whole New Meaning

If you’ve ever written a book, you know that it can be one of the most challenging, exasperating, and frustrating experiences. And those are the positive aspects of such an undertaking! So after my first book was released, I thought, why not write another book? Won’t that be fun. So one day well into year two of working [...]

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Every Day or Every Other Day — The Perennial Question

One of the most common questions women desiring pregnancy ask me is whether they should have sex every day or every other day. If you are charting, you know that there are only a few days per cycle in which you can even get pregnant. (Actually, if truth be told, even if you aren’t charting your cycles, there are [...]

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How Cats Turn Brains to Mush

There are few types of love more powerful than the love of one’s child, unless, of course, it's the love of one’s cat. Say, what? That’s right. There is a select group of people for whom the love of their cat is enough to make them do irrational things like, oh, not travel for 12 years lest their [...]

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Confusing Irregular Cycles with a Pregnancy

There’s a certain irony in the fact that the majority of women have at one time or other probably experienced mild panic when their period was a few days late, only to discover that years later, so many of them would do anything to get pregnant. Both situations are really two sides of the same coin, and the [...]

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