Three Little Kernels Guaranteed to Put The Kibosh on Political Wrangling This Thanksgiving

Who doesn’t love the wafting aroma of yams, cornbread dressing, and a sage-buttered turkey roasting? Actually, come to think of it, vegetarians don’t. Well maybe the only thing more divisive than what to eat at Thanksgiving is, you guessed it, what you can discuss. And boy will this year’s political scandals challenge even the most [...]

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The Search for Male Birth Control

I was sipping a single tall, extra-hot, extra foamy latte a couple mornings ago while reading the paper, because that is what one does in Seattle. It’s the law. Anyway, just as I was savoring that first sip of the luscious foam, I nearly spit it out when I read, and I quote: “The researchers found that the [...]

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Who Knew Cervical Fluid Could Be So Beautiful?

Too bad most women don’t just happen to have a microscope sitting on their bathroom counters. If they did, I think it would do wonders for the bad rap that cervical fluid usually gets when women first learn about it. In reality, they’d be amazed by how beautiful this healthy secretion looks in high resolution. One of the first [...]

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A Few Important Conditions That May Affect Your Fertility

There are four conditions, any one of which you may discover while charting your cycles. The first two below will often give you obvious signs, even if you aren’t charting. With the latter two, however, you may not have any symptoms at all. In all four cases, though, treatment is often necessary before you can get pregnant. Endometriosis A [...]

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The Difference Between an Anovulatory Cycle and Being Anovulatory

When you first read the heading above, did you think that I was just being nitpicky? Actually, there is a significant and practical difference between the two. An “anovulatory cycle” is, by definition, a cycle in which ovulation didn’t occur. But it’s typically transitory, occurring now and then in most women at some point in their lives. For [...]

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A Fun Little Fact to Mention Next Time Grandma’s Over For Dinner

How close are you to your mom’s mother? If your grandmother is still living, you might want to blow away both of them by casually mentioning that you literally started your life inside of your grandmother. Think about it. Every female fetus, including your mom, developed all the eggs she will ever have while a fetus still inside [...]

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My Obsession with Identicals

Anyone who has spent time with me knows that I am obsessed with identicals—identical twins, triplets, quads, you name it. And while it doesn’t directly relate to fertility, my obsession is serious enough that I’m sure if push came to shove, I could make a pretty compelling case for why every fertility book should have a full chapter devoted [...]

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The Elephant in the Room

If you could be a fly on the wall in bedrooms throughout the world, you’d be stunned to see how many women fake orgasms, even with men they’ve been married to for decades. Are women really that deceitful? Think again. Actually, the answer virtually always comes down to our anatomy, and how we were designed. In a word, [...]

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File this under “YUCK”

When I was growing up during the Flower-Child 60s, let’s just say that sanitary pads were a tad different than they are today. For starters, they had long thin gauze tails on each end that we ever-so- delicately threaded through a sanitary belt! Yup, a sexy little elastic number that we wore around our waists and hoped to God [...]

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