Post Miscarriage Charts

A miscarriage is a natural termination of pregnancy due to a variety of causes. Some of the causes are related to infections, endocrine (hormonal) problems, uterine abnormalities, genetics (chromosomes), antibodies, and medical disorders. If your chart resulted in a miscarriage please place it in the Miscarriage Charts Gallery.

The first cycle following miscarriage can be fertile, although doctors usually recommend waiting a few cycles before trying to get pregnant again. Please include the number of cycles post miscarriage.

This section is for completed charts and not intended for questions. If you have questions concerning an incomplete chart feel free to share your chart in the Chart Question Gallery. Click on a link to view the charts:

78CD post D&C...
Thu, Jan 13 2011
1st cycle after...
Tue, Aug 9 2011
1st cycle after...
Thu, Sep 29 2011
BFP on CD73 Post...
Mon, Mar 26 2012
BFP after m/c
Tue, Jun 12 2012
Thu, Mar 24 2011
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