Pregnant with Multiples

About 1 in 80 naturally conceived births are fraternal twins. This gallery is for charts where twins, triplates or any higher order is confirmed. Please include in your description the number of children you are expecting. This section is for completed charts and not intended for questions. If you have questions concerning an incomplete chart feel free to share your chart in the Chart Question Gallery. Click on a link to view the charts:

Surprise! It''s...
Wed, Dec 2 2009
2nd cycle off Lunelle...
Wed, Dec 2 2009
Clomid and IUI ...
Wed, Dec 2 2009
Update TWINS
Wed, Nov 7 2012
It''s TWINS!
Wed, Dec 2 2009
twin girls w/gonal...
Wed, Dec 2 2009
Wed, Dec 2 2009
Sat, Aug 11 2012
IUI #3 turned into...
Wed, Dec 2 2009
Gemini Twins due...
Sun, Nov 4 2012
Identical Twin Girls
Mon, May 28 2012
Could I have released...
Tue, Jun 11 2013
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