Low Progesterone Charts

If your basal temperatures reflect a luteal phase of 10 days or less there may be a problem with progesterone production, in addition to this or alternately your temperature may show little rise from preovulatory temperatures and cluster near then cover line. Low progesterone is confirmed by a 7DPO test not your chart. It is typically caused by issues with ovulation.

If you have been prescribed progesterone and are currently using it please place your chart in the Taking Progesterone Gallery. This section is for completed charts and not intended for questions. If you have questions concerning an incomplete chart please post in the Charting Questions Gallery.

Low progesterone...
Wed, Dec 2 2009
7.5 at 8 DPO
Wed, Dec 2 2009
7.4 at 7 dpo 10...
Wed, Dec 2 2009
Interpretation Please...
Tue, Mar 25 2014
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