BFN before BFP?

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Hope75 replied on 11-30-2008 12:54 PM
BFN on 8DPO and 10DPO, BFP on 12DPO!
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traci72 replied on 11-30-2008 2:18 PM
I can't begin to tell you how perfect the timing of me seeing this is. I'm currently 10dp5dt (same as 15DPO)and am still getting BFN's. My beta is set for this Tuesday, but I'd given up all hope that we were successful. But maybe....just maybe......[fc]
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semolina replied on 12-03-2008 6:56 AM
8 DPO - BFN with Equate
9 DPO - BFP with Equate (but it's a REAL squinter) and BFN with FRER
10 DPO - BFP with Equate and FRER; BFN on digitals (which say they test from 10 DPO) ...

One factor is what test you use, I believe. And also how well you know what the tests look like when they really are BFN if you are testing early. (Equate is the only brand, personally, that has never let me down ... if it's snow white then it's a BFN ... if I can even IMAGINE a line is there, then it's always been a BFP for me.)

I count myself out if I get a BFN at 11 DPO with an Equate ... (even if I get a BFP after that, with my history of Angel it's unlikely to stick around.)
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Evergreen replied on 02-26-2009 3:51 PM
Love this thread! Due to symptoms I really thought I was Coffee this cycle but had BFN on 7dpo and 9dpo on IC's. Plan to test tomorrow at 11dpo [fc]!
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erease replied on 03-01-2009 3:58 PM




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lilrilly replied on 03-26-2009 9:39 PM
bump as I'm still holding out hope [fc]
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imgomer replied on 03-30-2009 1:28 PM
bump [bd]
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Dmickey28 replied on 03-30-2009 3:39 PM
Thanks for bumping Gomer. I am stalking this thread. I am 11DPO today. Have had LIGHT FAINT BARELY THERE lines on IC's and Equates at 10DPO yesterday and the same lines on Equates and $ Store this AM. I do have a light, only visible out of the case line on a FRER this AM though. I have been reading up on Beta's today and this early in the game they look to be doubling every 48-72 hours so the light test yesterday afternoon and this AM is ok. Hopefully, if there is any hope of a sucessful pregnancy they will be darker tomorrow AM.

Semolina - I keep thinking about what you said here with the equates. I have light lines from yesterday afternoon and this AM on them. Even DH could see it yesterday so I am hoping ... [pr]

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megamama replied on 03-30-2009 4:08 PM
I didn't vote becuase the option wasn't there for me, but I had:

BFN at 9DPO -using Dollar Tree test
BFP at 10DPO -using Dollar Tree & Equate tests

The lines were faint at 10, 11 & 12DPO so I stopped testing so I wouldn't drive myself nuts!
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Kellyh_01 replied on 03-30-2009 5:34 PM
I had bfn 7 dpo and 8 dpo and bfp at 9dpo and beyond.
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Melba replied on 04-02-2009 11:05 PM
I absolutely LOVE this thread!! I am 15DPO, and I didn't test today bc I was nervous. I got a BFN yesterday. I am going to wait til Sunday to test again. Thank you all for sharing!! I love hearing the late ones!!!

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craigen1 replied on 06-16-2009 9:12 AM
Bumping this thread.

15dpo today, BFN. Temp is still up.

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KrysTTC replied on 06-16-2009 12:35 PM
4dpo here, so I got a while to wait :( I probably will start testing 9dpo (Father's day) and hope to be updating here with some news!! I like this thread - nice to see what everyone has happen to them. With my first I don't know how many dpo I was because I didn't take the time to try hard ttc. I wish I had.

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ouandi replied on 06-18-2009 9:50 AM
I'm so excited to post here. I had a definate negative on 9DPO and a definate postive with SMU on 10DPO.

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k8anderson replied on 06-18-2009 12:48 PM
I got a BFN on 12 DPO,
an EXTREMELY faint - only the truly obsessive TTCers with eagle eyes could see a line on the AM of 13 DPO. And by the evening, I had a very clear BFP on 13 DPO!

It was the shock of my life!

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Dmickey28 replied on 06-21-2009 5:01 PM
I love this thread. I am approx 10DPO but could be even 9DPO I think. Only going off CM. I had a few drops of spotting on Friday which was 6/7DPO and BFN's since then. It's Sunday now, 9/10DPO. I NEVER spot and that was very odd. I have had cramps and pinching on and off all week and a very full feeling today. My BB's look big but they usually do at this point, they seem sore, more the right than the left but it could be in my head. I just FEEL like this could be my month but who knows.

I can't stop testing ... it's so bad. I have on CBE and a CBE digi left, bought them this AM and took one already today. I am going to try to wait to use the last CBE tomorrow afternoon since FMU doesn't usually work well for me anyway.

Fingers crossed.

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LilyRN replied on 06-21-2009 9:00 PM
I didn't answer the poll because none of the answers applied to me. I got a BFN on 9 dpo but a BFP on 10 dpo.

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StarDust replied on 06-23-2009 2:15 PM

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KrysTTC replied on 06-25-2009 11:23 AM
Bumping :) Glad to know there's been people who got bfn 13dpo+ and got a positive later. [fc] hoping I'm one of them since [af] isn't showing. Want to see if any more respond to the poll!

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catchthewind replied on 06-25-2009 4:09 PM
I didn't test positive until 14dpo with my last pregnancy, using IC's because it took us a while to get pregnant and they were cheaper! I'm 10dpo this time which is longer than my past couple of lp's have been, but tested negative this morning. I'd really love to see a line before 14 dpo this time but I'm not going to get my hopes up. [L] I'm still using ICs.

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