Caffeine and ovulation

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ardeur Posted: 09-28-2012 12:41 PM

Is there any known association between caffeine intake and late ovulation (long follicular phase)?

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Adacat replied on 09-28-2012 4:17 PM

Most of the articles I found were pretty old (done in the early 90s) but one of them suggests the opposite--that a shorter menstrual cycle seemed slightly more common in women who consumed a lot of caffeine.  A lot of caffeine is defined as 300 mg, and there is approximately 100mg of caffeine in 8 oz of brewed coffee.  Here's a link to the most relevant study:  Their study concludes "caffeine intake was not strongly related to an increased risk for anovulation, short luteal phase (<10 days), long follicular phase (<24 days), long cycle (<36 days)..."

I skirt the limit of  "a lot" of caffeine--right under 24 oz a day.  I'm a coffee hound. Embarrassed  I do tend to have slightly shorter than average cycles (usually around 25 days) although I've had some wacky ones lately.  

Hope that helps!

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EngineerMom replied on 09-29-2012 8:56 PM

I recently cut out caffein and haven't noticed any difference.


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