progesterone question with twins

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aprilntim519 Posted: 06-02-2012 7:33 AM
We are having twins got confirmed hbs and both babies measuring where they should. But my question is I'm on crinone bc I have to be I go for weekly checks it was 16.9 last & 15 something this week do I need to double the dose since there's two babies? With my pregnancy with my daughter it never went over 16 even with crinone but I didn't know if I needed it twice a day with twins sure ill ask my ob Monday he wasn't concerned about the drop Tia
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flayre replied on 06-02-2012 2:02 PM

this is a question for your care provider. They are really the only ones qualified to determine how your care differs for twins.

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Maygirl17 replied on 06-02-2012 2:50 PM

I am not sure if you need to double down for twins - I was on supplements (post-IVF) until week 9 and they wanted my numbers above 15.  Congratulations to you!  Talk to your doctor and see what they say.

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AngieB replied on 06-02-2012 2:59 PM

15 is a pretty borderline number with a singleton. Some OB's are okay with anything over 10, some want it over 15, some prefer over 20 (and that is for singletons, not sure what numbers they want to see with multiples.)

With your history of miscarriage, I would not be surprised if they want your dose to increase, I would certainly ask them.

Congratulations on your twins!

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aprilntim519 replied on 06-02-2012 7:50 PM

thank you ladies i will run it across him monday. just figured id ask over the weekend. Angie congrats on your new pregnancy hope all goes well and you have a uneventful pregnancy!!

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