Oct/Nov 2012 Babies!!!

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CourtneyD replied on Mon, Feb 27 2012 1:46 PM

Mollynell ~ I plan on doing some prenatal yoga along with swimming when the summer times gets here to help keep myself from gaining too much. Also, we had planned on kind of keeping the news to ourselves until after at least my first u/s, but b/c so many people knew about my scheduled IUI that didn't work out. So, we told all of our close friends and family, but requested that no one put it on face book. I will do that when I feel it's the right time. Hope you're feeling better!!

HJChart ~ Welcome and Congratulations!

EDelweiss ~ Welcome and Congrats to you as well. Sorry to hear about your loss, and hope that your blood work shows everything to be healthy and normal. Even though I thankfully haven't experienced a loss, it took us over 2 years to conceive this one without ever getting a BFP prior, so I'm feeling very nervous. I have the super smell as well, but besides that no other signs whatsoever, which makes me a little cautious. Good luck, and please keep us updated.

Famfive ~ Ugh, not sure what's causing the rapid weight gain, but hopefully you'll be able to keep it under control now that you are watching what you eat more closely. That's funny that your DD said that. She'll be so surprised when you finally break the news to her. How exciting!

I hope everyone else is feeling well..

AFM ~ Took my second beta test today, and am anxiously awaiting the results. The nurse told me I should have them around 2 or 2:30, so hopefully sometime soon. I'm trying not to stress, and all my g/fs tell me that it's normal especially with the first one to be nervous at first. One of my younger cousins is about 2 months ahead of me with #1, and she's as cool as a cucumber, so it makes me feel like even more of a spaz. LOL Pray for good numbers today. I'll get back on and update when I get them.


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natpink replied on Mon, Feb 27 2012 2:35 PM

Hi ladies!


PretzelBaker: Welcome!


Lora: So sorry about your miscarriage. It must have been so wonderful to hear that heart beat!! I cannot wait for my ultrasound!


Emilka: WOOHOO!! A bubble! Haha that is great! Can’t believe you kept it from your husband. I have some family in Italy, I was there last summer. I love Europe!


FamFive2: I have been soooo bloated I look 12 weeks pregnant, not 5! I have a feeling I will gain quickly and show super early, which I am totally fine with.  Did you gain weight early with DD? A few of my friends that are pregnant or just had their second child said that they gained way more weight early on with #2 and showed early too.


Mollynel: Yes, I remember you from those groups too. It quickly got depressing after months of seeing lots of BFPs except mine, so moved to the infertility groups. Happy we are both here! I haven’t been working out much over the past year.  I used to be quite underweight, and if I do lots of cardio (I did Zumba for a few years and LOVE it) or run too much I loose wait easily. Before I started TTC my DR wanted me to gain 10 pounds, so I did. All I really do now is a daily walk with my dog and stretching. Would love to try Yoga, and will definitely be swimming a lot in the summer! :)


HJchart: welcome and good luck!!


Edelweiss: Welcome, and sorry to hear about your loss.  Hope your blood work comes back great!


Courtney: Can’t wait to hear your beta results!!! I’m sure they will be great!


AFM: 5 weeks tomorrow! Eeek can’t believe it! Since stopping the progesterone my cramping has stopped and I feel great. Other than being super tired of course. I finally called my RE’s office and they said that I do not need another beta, since my 1st was SO high. My ultrasound is booked for 2 weeks today, March 12, and I will be one day shy of 7 weeks, so we should be able to see the heart beat(s) by then. I am still convinced it is multiples so can’t wait to find out! We had 4 follies, so it’s very possible.

Most of my close family, and a few friends knew about the IUI so we did tell them about the BFP! Trying not to tell too many people though, since of course it is still early.


One strange thing, I am a matron of honour in one of my best friends weddings in September, and I will be about 34 weeks by then. She told my other best friend, who is the MOH, that I am trying to ‘SABOTAGE’ her wedding! I almost cried! She knows we have been trying for 2 years and everything we have went through, I couldn’t believe it. She is coming over tonight with her fiance for a flower consultation (my mom is a floral designer), so it should be interesting to see her and how she acts.  Anyways, just needed to have a little vent.


Hope you’re all well!!


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CourtneyD replied on Mon, Feb 27 2012 3:51 PM

Hey Nat it's good to hear from you. That's so rude what your friend said. Some people become insensitive around their weddings and are bridezillas. Try not to let it get you down, and I hope that tonight's meeting with her goes smoothly. Yay for an ultrasound on the 12th!! I wish they'd have given you another beta though just b/c I like to compare haha..I'm excited to find out just how many you've got growing in there. Big Smile

My RE's office called just now, and my 2nd beta @ 19dpiui is 2,749 with a progesterone of 22. I was a little worried about my progesterone dropping again, but the nurse said that both test numbers came back perfectly. She also said that she wants to schedule my first u/s on the 12th or 13th (so right around the same time as you Nat!!!)!!!

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HJchart replied on Mon, Feb 27 2012 5:45 PM

Hello again ladies! So exciting to read all the stories and hear updates...I hope ultrasounds and testing over the next few days goes well for you all! Nat, I too am in a wedding, and while the bride hasn't gone quite that far, figuring out the bridesmaid dress and figuring out how to pay for it is interesting. Smile Hope all goes well with your meeting!

I am excited-ly waiting for next week; I'll be 9 weeks tomorrow and at 10 weeks we're having a meeting with the midwife to hopefully hear a heartbeat!! I'll go in for a free ultrasound at a clinic around 11 weeks, but since we're having a home birth we decided we'd rather avoid the cost of ultrasounds (unless something goes wrong, of course!) and be surprised about the gender. Can't wait to finally hear this little one! It's been so hard for me to have no other sign that he/she's actually in there...other than feeling bloated, exhausted, and nauseated.

Happy Monday evening to you all!

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edelweiss98 replied on Mon, Feb 27 2012 6:50 PM

FamFive - I run, too, I have already gotten slower but am trying to stick with around 40 miles/week as long as I can then switch over to walking when it's not comfortable enough. I do think if you're at a lower wt than normal, your body will try to make up for it and let you gain faster.

Emilka- I hope your u/s is great! I'm sorry for your losses as well.

Courtney glad for a good call from your RE! I am assuming dpiui would correspond to dpo? I hope your u/s goes very well too.

Nat - does progesterone cause cramping? I'm taking progesterone and do have mild cramping off and on. Sorry about your friend's wedding and her attitude. I'm sure she has no idea how much she's hurting you.

HJ - That is exciting you're that far along and I hope the u/s goes well. I'm so excited for your home birth, too.  They are legal in my state but it is not legal for a midwife to attend them so I had my first baby in a hospital and will likely go to the hospital for this baby (if all goes well). Hearing the heartbeat is truly the most beautiful sound in the world.  When I heard my little girl's heart beat it was this huge realization that there was a distinctly different human being inside of me, with a much faster heart rate and everything (although I knew all that before, it was just amazing).


For me, I am going for a blood draw tomorrow morning. I e-mailed one of my closest friends over the weekend (that's basically our form of contact due to living on different sides of the country) and she is excited. I can't say I'm excited, still quite worried, I'll be 4 weeks tomorrow but I am praying and have some friends and also my parents who are praying, too.


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lmulstay replied on Tue, Feb 28 2012 8:32 AM

Edelweiss! I'm so glad to see you here. It seems are miscarriages were around the same time. I remember the support you gave me on the loss board. :)  You'll be in my prayers!

AFM- I think I have every symptom in the book here at 7 weeks! Nausea, mood swings, sore (huge!)  bbs, constipation, one second I'm nauseated and the next I feel like I'm starving (what's up with that?!), terrible insomnia... But, I'll take it all since it reminds me I'm still pregnant. :)

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natpink replied on Tue, Feb 28 2012 8:53 AM


Courtney, so excited this is all happening at the same time for us! I don’t know how I will wait 13 more days, I want the ultrasound now!! I wish I had another beta test too….I was kind of annoyed they didn’t want me to do another one, but oh well.  Trying not to stress!


HJchart: Figuring out the bridesmaid dress will definitely be interesting. She was originally thinking something empire waist and flowy…so hopefully she’s still going with that. She said last night I will not be in anything strapless (YESSSS, as I have big bbs to begin with) and the looser the better! You must be so excited to hear the little one!


Esdelweiss98: YES! For me at least. While I was taking the progesterone I had tons of cramping on and off. A couple days after going off it, they stopped completely and haven’t had any since!



My friend was fine last night, other than a few comments about how I might not 'fit' at the head table, said while laughing of course. I didn't talk about the pregnancy at all, just about her wedding, so didn't give her much to say!

13 days until ultrasound...ahhhh :)

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emilka replied on Tue, Feb 28 2012 1:31 PM

Good morning ladies!


Hope everyone is doing great. So nice to hear all the updates.

Natpink- i can not believe your friend! How insensitive of her!

AFM, I had another beta done yesterday, it doubled in 47 hrs and is at 8462 now! I am getting very excited about the pregnancy now! US on Friday and really hoping to at least see the heartbeat. I will be 5+6, but my Hcg should be above 10.000.

I was talking to my husband on Skype last night and my 4 year old son suddenly pointed to my stomach and told my husband: Mommy has a baby in there! We were both stunned, we have not mentioned anything to him, nor have we discussed it with him anywhere near. Isn't this funny?!

I asked him about it afterwards and he said he just knows it "in his brain"!

I have almost no nausea but I'm exhausted and my boobs are extremely sore! to the point that they hurt even without touching, bra, no bra, it doesn't matter. And i want to eat all the time. My stomach is bloated and all my pants feel uncomfortable. Hoping no one at works notices my big bloated gut! I don't want to say anything until i come back from vacation in May. 

Today is the first of my 2 nights at work, not looking forward to that! 

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natpink replied on Tue, Feb 28 2012 6:16 PM

emilka: Kids are so intuitive! That is so funny that he just knew :) Good luck with your night shifts, I don't think I would be able to do that!

Is anyone else doing photos every week or did you do it for your first pregnancy? I took my week 5 photo today, and it was so hard because I know it is still super early, but I want to stay positive and hope that this is the stickiest bean. I am a photographer, so it is important to me to document everything properly ;) I am also going to do something like this I think it is super adorable and would be such a good keepsake. My mom did a book for me and wrote down every little thing, and I really appreciated that, so I want to do the same for my baby! Smile

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edelweiss98 replied on Tue, Feb 28 2012 6:30 PM

Nat : I didn't do every week for my first pregnancy, I did maybe around 14 weeks (wasn't showing) and then 20-some and then right before 40 weeks. Then I have a few other pictures of myself throughout pregnancy but not like belly pictures. Then again, I wasn't happy with how I looked the whole pregnancy (it's kind of silly, but I started out about 5 lbs above my normal wt, still healthy but heavier than I like, and was recovering from all the mental parts of an eating disorder although physically I had been doing well for several years. So long story but I didn't feel cute or anything when I was pregnant and pretty much just thought I looked fat although now looking back I realize I wasn't very big at all). I took one photo of myself the day I got pregnant, well, 1dpo this time and also have a photo of my 1dpo with my baby I lost.


I had my blood draw today for progesterone but haven't gotten a call back yet. Kind of driving myself crazy and hoping the levels are OK. They also did a urine pregnancy test which I thought was kind of funny, the nurse asked if I wanted to stay for the results of the preg. test and I said no, I'm pregnant. But then I got paranoid and took another test when I got home, which was, of course, still positive. I should get a call back tomorrow. I just want this baby to be OK. I read an article about miscarriage at the doctor's office, nothing really new but just that my chances should be good for everything to be OK this time, I hope it is. Sorry for the long ramble.

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CourtneyD replied on Wed, Feb 29 2012 10:37 AM

Good Morning!

HJChart ~ Hopefully the rest of this week will fly by, so that way you'll be able to here your LO that much sooner. Oh how exciting!  This is when it starts becoming "real".

Edelweiss98 ~ Yes, DPIUI = days past iui (intrauterine insemination). This would also correlate to the actual day of ovulation as well. Did you get the results from your blood draw yet? I'm taking progesterone as well, and it has caused me to have cramps on and off . So it sounds like that is normal. I had some concern about my progesterone levels as they seem to be dropping since 8dpo when it was 28 to now only being 22, but my nurse said that these levels are constantly fluctuating and not to worry about it. Sending you lots of prayers for good results.

lmulstay ~ Yay for pregnancy symptoms! :) It's a pain to have them, but you're right, it's so nice to have confirmation that everything is progressing.

Natpink ~ Glad that the meeting with your friend went well. Good for you for keeping the focus solely on her wedding! only 12 more days till u/s! I really need to start taking a weekly pic. I've been telling myself to do it, but haven't yet. Maybe I'll start tonight. :) I really want to document this time the best way I can. I also ordered The Belly Book, and should have that coming in soon.

emilka ~ How cute/crazy that your DS already knew about the baby! I agree with Natpink, kids are so intuitive sometimes. Hopefully you'll be able to see the heartbeat on Friday. How exciting that would be! Ugh good luck with the night shifts, but by today you'll only have one more night and I hope it passes quickly for you.

AFM ~ Nothing new to report except that I woke up @ 1AM this morning and was very sick. It was kind of funny b/c my DH I guess heard me, and sat up in bed and asked "so is the morning sickness?" then proceeded to get me a bottle of water, and a cool rag. I can't say for sure that it was due to the pregnancy or just something that I ate, but either way, I just thought DH was too cute. I took my first prescribed prenatal yesterday so I'm also wondering if that made me sick too. All I do know is that once I "got it out of my system" I was able to go right back to sleep and woke up this morning feeling just fine.



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mollynell replied on Wed, Feb 29 2012 11:36 AM

Hi ladies, it's with a heavy heart that I tell you I'm leaving the group.  We went in for our second ultrasound yesterday at 8 wks 6 days and there was no heartbeat (we did see the heartbeat at 6 wks 1 day).  I think it's time for me to retire from the forums.  I'll be having a D&C procedure on Friday.  Best of luck with your pregnancies, I hope you all take home your healthy and happy babies.

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natpink replied on Wed, Feb 29 2012 11:45 AM

Mollynell, I am so, so sorry for your devastating loss. I can only imagine how difficult it must be. I will be praying and thinking about you and your family during this time. I wish you all the best and if you ever need support or to chat, please remember the forums are here. Big hugs to you. xx


Courtney, I had my first bout of nausea today! I was at my parents and my sister was cooking bacon, I puked in my mouth and had to run downstairs and lay down, I felt awful. I hadn't really eaten anything yet, thank goodness, or I think it would have been way worse. Feel better now though, glad you do to! 12 days!!

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CourtneyD replied on Wed, Feb 29 2012 12:15 PM

So sorry for your loss Mollynell. Please know my prayers and thoughts are with you at this time. Hug

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lmulstay replied on Wed, Feb 29 2012 12:26 PM

mollynell- I am so sorry for your loss. Sending you prayers for a quick physical and mental recovery.

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edelweiss98 replied on Wed, Feb 29 2012 2:45 PM

oh mollynell I am so sorry.

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barista_girl replied on Wed, Feb 29 2012 3:19 PM

mollynell - I'm so sorry. Hug

CourtneyD - I often got sick in the middle of the night with my first pregnancy. Taking medicine too late in the day was always a huge no-no. I threw up Tylenol once. Tongue Tied

natpink - that was extremely rude of your friend! I'm sorry about that. Wow.

I guess I'll jump in? I think I'm due November 9th. It's very early still, but I feel optimistic. I know anything can happen, of course.

I'm still deciding when I want to announce to family. Last time we told them pretty early with a request to not make it public and they ignore our wishes. UGH. So, I've learned my lesson and won't tell them until I'm ready to make it public! However, my FIL is deployed and my husband is having SUCH a hard time not telling him.

When did you call and make an appointment with a doctor? I think I had my first appt last time when I was 6 weeks? I don't remember. I'm in a different state now, and I think I know where I'm going to go (at least, at first! I'm aiming for a VBAC), but I feel like it's so early to call.

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edelweiss98 replied on Wed, Feb 29 2012 5:17 PM

I got my progesterone results back, 11.7, on the low end of normal range.


Barista - we're due within a couple days of each other.  Call your practice and see when they want to see you. Mine has a nurse appt 8-10 weeks and then see the doctor at 12 weeks.  We're not planning on telling anyone until at least 12 weeks if we hear the heartbeat then, but not most people until 18 weeks when we have the u/s (if we make it that far, I'm still pretty concerned about another miscarriage). My husband asked his parents to not tell anyone else about our miscarriage and they didn't respect our wishes so I really have no plans to tell them about this pregnancy until 18 weeks (they're out of state so it's not like they'll see my tummy if I show) and not tell them at all if we lose the baby.

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HJchart replied on Wed, Feb 29 2012 6:34 PM

Molly, so sorry! I hope you're able to get some rest and feel better (in every way) soon.

Had a bit of a scare today...woke up so incredibly tired this morning that I had some watered down coffee with breakfast. It's the second time I've done it and the first time I was fine, so didn't think it would be bad. Around 10 I started shaking and my heart felt funny...went to the nurse where I work and checked my blood pressure, which was fine, so we figured it was blood sugar and I ate some peanut butter and was fine. But I guess that means no more coffee for me...and lots of peanut butter and sugary food to keep my blood sugar up. The same thing happened a couple of times when I played sports in high school; a candy bar usually fixed it. Hmmm....

In other news, my sister and I took my first belly picture today...geeeeeez! I'm definitely showing, and not just a tummy is double what it was before I got pregnant. Wonder if that means twins...Tuesday can't come fast enough!

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HJchart replied on Wed, Feb 29 2012 6:37 PM

What do you ladies think? Normal...or bigger than normal?? This is so obviously my first. Big Smile

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