Delayed Temperature Rise After Ovulation: 5 days

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Linda.acount Posted: 08-07-2011 1:19 PM

Hello there,

I am new the FAM and my husband and I are on our 4th charting cycle.  We are using the paper charts so unfortunately hard to post here but would REALLY APPRECIATE some input.

Our problem is that there seems to be a delay of 3-5 days (usually 5) after my peak day before my temp rises.  I have a easy-to-identify peaks day based on cervical fluid.  The temp shift is also easy to identify (no slow-rise, it just jumps right up and stays there).  Otherwise, everthing else about my cycles seem to be "by the book" and easy to interpret.  We are just concerned about this slow rise.

I haven't had an excessive stress lately either which I've read can delay the rise.

Thanks kindly for any helpful input!!


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jeffsjayme replied on 08-07-2011 7:47 PM

Not sure what you're asking.

Do you really have a slow rise (meaning step pattern) or you're concerned because your temp spike (which is noticeable) isn't the same time as your CF peak day?

If they aren't lining up, it's okay.  Your temp spike matters.  Your peak day means nothing for determining when you've ovulated.  It's your body's way of preparing to ovulate, but it doesn't have to be at the same time as your temp spike.

The software on here is free as well as  Well worth charting this cycle if you need help from others.

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lbm436 replied on 08-07-2011 7:51 PM

Some women experience a dry up of CM prior to ovulation. I agree about posting your chart, you can enter the info if you click on "My Fertility" at the top right. If you don't want to do that, try scanning and uploading your paper chart, so we can take a lookFlowers

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Jenstar26 replied on 08-18-2011 1:06 AM

I have had the same exact problem with a few of my cycles. I had ovulatory pain, even on both sides, but my temperature did not rise until five days later. I am curious to see what you find out Linda.

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portlandkelly replied on 04-10-2012 1:15 PM

I know this is an old post, but I am having the same issue and wanted to add to the conversation.  The concern is not that the peak day does not correlate with temp spike.  The concern is that ovulation occurs and then several days later the temp rises. 

On several cycles, I have taken an OPK, gotten a positive, and then three or four days later I have a thermal shift.  Since the OPK tests for ovulation within 24-36 (or even 48) hours, this means the temperature rise is happening a day or two later than ovulation.  It is very disappointing to read a low temperature in the morn when you had a positive OPK reading four days ago... when that happens it makes me wonder if my OPK was a false positive and/or I'm having an anovulatory cycle.  This in fact, is happening to me right now - and yesterday I was quite depressed because of it.  However, this morning I got the temperature shift. 

Per TTYF book, "If your thermal shift consistently occurs more than 2 days after the Peak Day, it probably means that your body reacts slowly to the heat-inducing progesterone released after ovulation.  In such a case, it may be more accurate to count the second day after the Peak as the first day of the luteal phase rather than waiting for a thermal shift."

Still, I don't have a definitive answer.  My doctor determined I have low progesterone, and that may be the cause of the delay (and generally kinda low temperatures, even when they are high, although it's clearly biphasic).  So I am taking progesterone suppositories.

But here's the trick - when to take the progesterone?  You are supposed to after ovulation (luteal phase) - but if I'm not getting the signal (temperature) until four or five days later..... then I could be taking it rather late after ovulation.  And if the lack of progesterone is what is stopping me from getting pregnant, then I should be taking the progesterone as soon as possible, I'd think.  I suppose I could follow the advice and start taking progesterone that second day after my peak day/the second day after my positive OPK.

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dj rayne replied on 04-10-2012 2:00 PM

You would need to be tracked with u/s to determine when in relation to the OPK you are ovulating. If you are not seeing any response in your temp then the likelihood is the later O and not slow response to progesterone. You may want to continue testing through your rise for a couple of cycles to see if you are having a second surge which can and does happen resulting in a later O. As long as you have started by the time implantation is likely then there would be no issues.  If you have a + then a rise on the 4th day after even waiting for a fourth high would put you starting the script in time. If you are PG realize your corpus luteum will also respond with an additional amt of progesterone and between the script and your increased levels you shouldn't have an issue. A lack of progesterone will not keep you from getting PG. Progesterone has nothing to do with fertilization. Progesterone keeps the lining in a state ready for implantation. If you start too early and you haven't O'd yet then more than likely your body will not ovulate as the addition of the progesterone will tell your body you already did and it will abort it's attempt.

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portlandkelly replied on 04-10-2012 4:20 PM

Thanks.  On this statement: "You may want to continue testing through your rise for a couple of cycles to see if you are having a second surge which can and does happen resulting in a later O".  Are you saying that I would continue to take OPK tests even after my temperature has risen?  I thought a temperature rise was a sure sign of ovulation having happened.  (To clarify, I do not have a slow rise necessarily, so even taking OPK for several days before my temp shifts is not during any slow rise of temperature).

Good to know that progesterone just needs to be timed with implantation - that gives me a bit of breathing room.

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lehulei replied on 04-10-2012 7:49 PM

I think dj meant keep testing with OPKs until you have confirmed your temp rise. 

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dj rayne replied on 04-11-2012 10:48 AM

If you take OPKs eventhough they tell you to stop after you see a positive best is to test to negative as if you have extended days of + then your O is typically the last + day and IMO if you have a delay and no temp reponse then testing to/through your rise to see if you have a second surge is my advice. Yes your rise says O but to make sure the rise is O and not something else it just gives you the most amt of info and lets you know for sure what is going on. I wouldn't say do it every cycle just a couple to see your pattern.

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