Considering how miniscule the human egg is, it’s amazing how many misconceptions there are about its release! When I first got my period at age 12, and for several years thereafter, I was convinced that if I just looked hard enough, I would find the tiny egg nestled on the sanitary napkin amidst the red blood. So when I [...]

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A Walk Down Memory Lane

The following is an abbreviated list of medical terms that are still or were routinely used to describe common female conditions and functions. Cover the right side and quickly glance down the list of phrases on the left. After all these years, you’d think someone would have developed more (cough, choke) appropriate means of expressing these concepts. I [...]

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The Major Disparities Between Male and Female Fertility

Let’s see . . . what do these male celebrities all have in common: Steve Martin, Clint Eastwood, Warren Beatty, Larry King, Luciano Pavarotti, Rod Stewart, and Paul McCartney, to name but a few. Take a second to think about it. OK, time’s up. Answer? They’ve all fathered children when they were in their 60s and their wives [...]

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Starting to chart your cycle can be either exciting or intimidating if you don’t have a solid understanding of how your cycle works and what you are ultimately observing and recording. Which, of course, is why I can’t stress enough the need to either read a comprehensive book (preferably my book, Taking Charge of Your Fertility), a Fertility [...]

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How to Research Fertility Clinics

Get a referral The two best ways to get a personal recommendation are from a trusted health professional, or from a friend or relative who has successfully used a particular clinic. They both have their advantages. Medical professionals tend to know the reputation of other doctors. But a happy patient can often explain why they recommend a particular clinic, [...]

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Lovemaking Versus Babymaking

When couples have been trying to get pregnant for a long time, they often acknowledge that lovemaking has become a chore to check off their list. And hearing friends and family joke about how they are going to “go home to make a baby” can only add to their resentment. It’s understandable why that would happen. Although a person’s [...]

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The Search for Male Birth Control

I was sipping a single tall, extra-hot, extra foamy latte a couple mornings ago while reading the paper, because that is what one does in Seattle. It’s the law. Anyway, just as I was savoring that first sip of the luscious foam, I nearly spit it out when I read, and I quote: “The researchers found that the [...]

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Who Knew Cervical Fluid Could Be So Beautiful?

Too bad most women don’t just happen to have a microscope sitting on their bathroom counters. If they did, I think it would do wonders for the bad rap that cervical fluid usually gets when women first learn about it. In reality, they’d be amazed by how beautiful this healthy secretion looks in high resolution. One of the first [...]

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A Few Important Conditions That May Affect Your Fertility

There are four conditions, any one of which you may discover while charting your cycles. The first two below will often give you obvious signs, even if you aren’t charting. With the latter two, however, you may not have any symptoms at all. In all four cases, though, treatment is often necessary before you can get pregnant. Endometriosis A [...]

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