Learning to Self-Advocate, Not to be Confused with Self-Medicate! (Part 1)

Over 30 years ago, I had a slight scare when some of the cells on my cervix came back suspicious in a routine pap test. So I had cryotherapy, in which my abnormal cervical cells were destroyed by freezing with liquid carbon dioxide. The timing of that procedure was a tad inconvenient, though, because a few days later, I [...]

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What Percent of A Woman’s Cycle is Fertile?

You would think that this would be a fairly straightforward question, right? In reality, it’s not that simple. And to add more intrigue, the answer depends on whether you are trying to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy. What? While it’s true that the basic answer is that most women are fertile for only a few days per cycle, there [...]

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A Menstrual Puzzle Finally Clarified!

Can a woman get pregnant if she isn’t menstruating? Or another way of putting it is: Can a woman assume she doesn’t need to use birth control because she isn’t having periods? Actually, the answer is not as intuitive as you’d think. On the surface, any self-respecting educated person might think “Of course she can’t get pregnant if [...]

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The Elephant in the Womb: A Woman’s Aging Eggs (Part 2)

It would be fabulous if there were an easy way to count the remaining eggs in your ovary, in much the same way that you could open a carton of eggs from the refrigerator and count how many good ones remain. Alas, there isn’t, but there are several tests that, along with your age, offer the best tools [...]

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The Elephant in the Womb: A Woman’s Aging Eggs (Part 1)

OK, to be geographically correct, the ovaries containing a woman’s eggs are outside of her uterus, but for purposes of the title, are we kumbaya with me taking some slight artistic liberties? At any rate, one of the first questions a fertility doctor inevitably asks is your age. This is because it’s still one of the best indicators [...]

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Crazymaking Anovulatory Cycles

For women who don’t chart, they may have no clue that occasionally they don’t release an egg, assuming that if they are bleeding, they must have periods, right? Wrong. Not all bleeding is created equally. Of course, most of the time, it is due to a true period, but it can also be a symptom of [...]

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Every Day or Every Other Day — The Perennial Question

One of the most common questions women desiring pregnancy ask me is whether they should have sex every day or every other day. If you are charting, you know that there are only a few days per cycle in which you can even get pregnant. (Actually, if truth be told, even if you aren’t charting your cycles, there are [...]

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Confusing Irregular Cycles with a Pregnancy

There’s a certain irony in the fact that the majority of women have at one time or other probably experienced mild panic when their period was a few days late, only to discover that years later, so many of them would do anything to get pregnant. Both situations are really two sides of the same coin, and the [...]

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The Biology (But Not Wisdom) Behind Old Men Fathering Babies

There are basically three differences between men and women’s fertility, though God only knows how many other types of differences there are (we’ll just have to save that for another blog). For starters, boys aren’t born with any sperm at all. They only start producing them when they reach puberty. Girls, on the other hand, are born with all [...]

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Identifying Your Peak Day

You know the drill . . . you meet a stranger in the course of a day, and one of the first questions you usually ask each other is along the lines of “And what do you do?” As soon as I mention that I’m a women’s health author specializing in fertility, invariably I’ll get any number of [...]

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